CI Partners

CCS Partners with compatible tools and services for the LSS CI system

Computational Imaging
Computational Imaging Partners

CI Partners

CCS Partners with compatible tools and services for the LSS CI System

Matrox Imaging

Matrox Imaging offers two comprehensive application development environments: the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) software development toolkit (SDK) and the flowchart-based, integrated development environment (IDE), Matrox Design Assistant. Both include all the tools necessary to build robust machine vision applications, tackling critical guidance, identification, and inspection tasks with ease. Matrox Imaging leverages technological advances and industry-best practices to deliver practical vision tools to users. Photometric stereo is one such tool. This feature brings out hard-to-spot surface anomalies—such as embossing, engraving, scratches, or indentations—from a series of images taken with directional illumination driven by the LSS-2404 Light Sequencing Switch.

Teledyne Dalsa

Sherlock™ advanced machine vision software offers an extensive library of preprocessors and advanced algorithms that can be applied to almost any vision task. Designed for vision integrators and experienced end users, Sherlock offers a flexible and integrated design environment for developing and deploying industrial inspection applications. The platform supports custom scripts, user algorithms and operator interfaces that can be quickly constructed using Sherlock’s graphical GUI builder or developed using standard 3rd party programming tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio. Sherlock supports digital I/O, RS-232 and Ethernet standard factory protocols for interfacing with complementary devices and equipment.

Silicon Software

Computational imaging applications with Extended Depth of Field (EDoF), High Dynamic Range (HDR) and multichannel imaging, with their associated signaling sequences, are quickly implemented with the multiple award winning graphical FPGA development environment, VisualApplets. In addition to functioning on frame grabbers, FPGA- and SoC-based embedded devices, VisualApplets can also be used within cameras, sensors and scanner devices.


The LSS Illumination Series is compatible with the FH Series from Omron - a Vision system which provides high-speed, high-accuracy inspection and measurement. Changes in manufactured products require higher levels of performance for vision systems used for automation, and Omron has continuously developed the FH Series to meet rapidly growing automation needs and higher performance Vision inspection requirements. The LSS Series Controllers and Lighting supports large imaging areas and a wide range of Multi-shot Imaging applications, including Photometric Stereo.

Omron Automation is an industrial automation partner that creates, sells and services fully integrated automation solutions that include vision, robotics, sensing, motion, logic, safety, and more. Learn more at